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Parent's Corner

An ongoing series of informational entries for Ada-Merritt K-8 Center parents.

Ada-Merritt Siblings

Our Principal, Carmen M. Garcia, would like to remind all parents of current AMK8 students who have siblings wishing to enroll that the same application process applies to siblings via Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Remember to check the sibling box! If you have further questions please visit our contact page and submit a form with your questions.

Accelerated Reader Program

This year the PTA decided to renew the licensure for the Accelerated Reader Program for all students. Each quarter students will earn points that will be awarded a small gift along with a certificate. End of the year award winners will be taken on a field trip, tentatively scheduled for May 18th.

Box Tops for Education

This year AMK8 is participating in the Box Tops for Education with the goal of $1,000.00. Parents are encouraged to collect the box tops off participating cereal products. In addition, there are other qualifying products that can earn the school more funds. Download the APP so you can scan your receipts and help us meet our goal. Also, track the school's earnings and check what other products earn us points = $.

Crossing Guards Needed!

AMK8 currently has no crossing guards to help parents and children cross the streets safely. If you or anyone you know is seeking a part-time job, bilingual, and interested in this great opportunity please submit a form through our 'contact us' page.

School Security Update

We'd like to update all parents as to the situation with the police officer that the PTA pays to have at school. Due to staffing deficiencies within the Miami-Dade County Public Schools police (due to be resolved in January/February 2018) the City of Miami has agreed to provide an officer 2-3 times per week for our children's safety and a smoother morning/afternoon drop-off/pick-up. The PTA is committed to ensuring the safety of our students and an overall protected environment. 

Parent's are also encourage to report any suspicious individuals/activities to the City of Miami Police non-emergency number as part of our 'See Something, Say Something' campaign.


Upcoming Testing Dates

At today's PTA meeting administration shared the calendar for the upcoming test dates for each grade level. If you'd like a copy please email us so we can share that calendar with you by emailing [email protected] with 2017-2018 Test Calendar in the subject line.

Security After Marjory Stoneman Douglas Sr. High Shooting

It is always sad when we hear about a tragic shooting at a school campus. Over the past couple of days one of these devastating and senseless attacks hit very close to the Ada-Merritt K-8 school at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Sr. High School. While several details are still developing the PTA Board is working and discussing different methods to increase school security to finish out the end of the school year. For more details we invite you to check back or attend our next meeting to talk about the Security Committee that you will be seeing up and in action very soon.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by the recent shooting and the 17 individuals that lost their lives that day.

March For Our Lives #Never Again

As our next PTA General meeting is fast approaching I'd like to thank those parents who have approached our board with their concerns over school security. It seems that this topic pertaining to AMK8 has taken a lot of us by surprise but with due cause.

I invite you all to attend the meeting March 7th at 8:30am in the school cafeteria to have an open conversation with the PTA Board and administration to see if there is a way us parents can make our school safer. We are in the midst of organizing a security committee in addition to exploring other options, however, without your support and continued "take action" attitude this will fizzle out. We look forward to seeing you at our meeting  which will be live on Facebook for those who find themselves with a scheduling conflict.

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